Eastman Gun Shows - Since 1981
Eastman Gun Shows - Since 1981
Post Office Box 409, Fitzgerald, GA 31750 • gunshow@windstream.net
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Eastman Gun Shows in 2012 had the most shows ever with the highest attendance than in any previous year. The gun buying public knows the difference in the shows and wait for Eastman. When you come to one of the shows you will have more dealers with the largest selection available at any show, store or catalog. Dealers are out for your business to assure you of a good deal on the firearm, ammo, holster, scope, clip or magazine, knife or whatever you are looking for. Bring your unwanted guns for sale or trade, the dealers are always looking for items to take in trade or to purchase outright. See you at the next show in your area.

No flea market material is allowed. All items at the shows are of interest to the hunter, shooter and gun enthusiast. You may purchase a gun, ammunition and other accessories at the shows and take them home the same day.

Find a Show Near You

All of the shows offer hundreds of tables to meet the needs of everyone, from the once a year hunter to the avid collector. To find out when we'll be in a town near you check out our ‘Gun Shows’ section of this site and be sure to print out the directions to the show nearest you.

Get Notices

Eastman Gun Shows, Inc can send you email notices for shows you are interested in by submitting a request on the ‘Contact Us’ page. Your email address will not be shared with anyone. The information will be used to send you a notice of the latest shows.

Show Hours/Admission

Public hours at all shows are Saturday 9AM to 5PM and Sunday 10AM to 5PM.
Admission is Adults $8.00($10.00 Admission for Gwinnett, Marietta, Cobb County and Savannah shows) and children under 12 free.
We do not have any other discounts.

Get a Table

If you’re interested in displaying at one of the shows please take a look at the ‘Dealer Info’ section of this site.

If you have any other questions please call or leave your email message. Be sure to leave your name and phone number. You will be contacted with more information.


Eastman Gun Shows, Inc.

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